The Bedroom Super Producer Masterclass by Jean-Thomas Cloutier

The Bedroom Super Producer Masterclass

Welcome to the Masterclass! The time has finally come for me to reveal all my secrets to achieving a multiple six figure income selling my music online. All without marketing anything.


has this unrelenting way of kicking you in the nuts when you're not living your life's true purpose. If you are reading this, I assume you are a bedroom music producer and you want to take your game to the next level. You want to be part of the elite and become a Bedroom Super Producer."

It Started With A Book

2 years after making the jump, everything clicked. I was crushing my personal and financial goals. It was only right that I shared the knowledge I acquired with other producers around the world. Fast-forward 3 years and we now have the best rendition of this knowledge: a video masterclass.

18+ Hours Of Training

You get the book. But now, with the masterclass, you get everything I couldn't not teach you through text on a page. Cool, right?

Bonus 1: Omega Bundle

Over the past 3 years, I have spent countless hours creating what I thought were some of the most innovative sample and preset libraries. You get all of them.

Bonus 2: MIDI Chords

Getting more sales is achieved through creating more emotion. This is my gift to you: a treasure trove of MIDI chord progressions!

What My Readers Think

A Must Have!
"Caught this book by chance on an Instagram post and decided to give it a go. As soon as I opened it I couldn't stop reading it. J. T. Cloutier gives the best advice in an easy-to-read and direct way. He gives you the names of the best tools and libraries to work with and how to cut chunks of time out of your workflow to be more productive and keep everything organized. Couldn't recommend this book enough to anyone trying to up their game or anyone looking to start but doesn't know how."
Camilo GP
Produce with passion!

"I’ve read them all. Every producer book, every tutorial and this guy finally condensed it all and hit the nail on the head. His advice REAKS of such -giants- as Gary V, Tony Robbins, Steven Covey and the like. This is a bleeding-edge pointed guide on how to ACTUALLY do it right. You’ll feel a real sense of satisfaction reading this as it has a VERY high replay factor! I’ve been producing for over 20 years and literally thought I’d gotten nowhere. Now I have reconsidered my entire strategy. Hope to shake your hand one day J.T !"
Jeremy Alexander
Short but essential reading for anyone who wants to grow from their bedroom studio

"I might be slightly biased because I do have a marketing job and think of doing music production all day, but this book really does break down all the things I've learned over the years and rearranges them in a way I never thought of. Everyone will wish there was a little bit more detail in their favorite part, but at the end of the day this is a great read and my only regret is I didn't buy it sooner. Thanks J.T."
Blake Berkman
Best Book Ever

"I have read so many music industry self help books over the years and this is definitely the best. Real world examples, actual techniques, and marketing tips with clarity and brevity is why I will be using this for my go to reference book as well. Well played, sir... Well played!"
He absolutely loved it and found the information very valuable
I bought this for my fiance' who recently graduated with a music production degree. He absolutely loved it and found the information very valuable. He isn't much on reading books leisurely like myself, but I have found him going back and re-reading parts of this book so I know this book HAS to be good!"
Cassandra H.
The perfect guide for the music producer
I had an idea or I thought I had an idea on what to do with my music before reading this book. Now I know exactly what and how to do it. I can't thank enough the author of this great, mind open book."
Manuel BenÍtez

Hi! My Name Is JT.

I'll be your instructor for this ground-breaking masterclass! I have put the last 6 years of trial and error in this definitive online course so other driven producers around the world can build a business on the same model that worked for me!

Got Questions? We Have Answers.

Do people even buy music anymore?

In this age of content marketing, the need for music has never been greater! I'm going to teach you how to find content creators in dire need for your tracks and where to sell those tracks.

Should my family be afraid I become a starving artist?

Your loved ones will always care for your safety. That is why I have devised the safest plan to transition from a day job to full-time music production. Better yet, I promote a business model that makes hustling for jobs a thing of the past by automating income from musical activities.

Do I need advanced knowledge in sales and marketing to make it as a composer?

No. I developed a multiple six figure income by creating a music writing system that fills a need in the market. This course will teach you my exact approach to crafting broadcast-ready songs in hours.

I don't know the first thing about business. Can this still work for me?

Hey, I once was exactly like you! Fortunately for me, I had great people around me who taught me the ropes and it's my turn to do it for you! The masterclass will teach you everything you need to know about contracts, copyrights and creating valuable business relationships.

I'm quitting my current job soon. Can I make a decent living in the coming 3-6 months?

In the class, you will learn the proper way to quit the rat race and build momentum to take a safe leap. Anything is possible if your product is world-class. My method involves a gradual approach to minimize risks.

What's included?

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1. Launching Your Masterclass
Launching Your Masterclass
25 mins
BSP Masterclass - Workbook.pdf
52.7 MB
2. Creating Business Value
Creating Business Value
38 mins
3. Studying The Game
Studying The Game
37 mins
4. Optimizing Your Workflow
Module 4 - Part 1
53 mins
Module 4 - Part 2
37 mins
Module 4 - Part 3
40 mins
5. Writing Music That Sells
Module 5 - Part 1
41 mins
Module 5 - Part 2
55 mins
Module 5 - Part 3
46 mins
Module 5 - Part 4
32 mins
Module 5 - Part 5
38 mins
Module 5 - Part 6
38 mins
Module 5 - Part 7
42 mins
Module 5 - Part 8
22 mins
6. Formatting Music For Creatives
Formatting Music For Creatives
38 mins
7. Inspiring The Creatives
Inspiring The Creatives
22 mins
8. Music That Sold
Module 8 - Greatness.mp4
19 mins
Module 8 - Girl Power.mp4
18 mins
Module 8 - Start With Yes.mp4
21 mins
Module 8 - Hipster Trends.mp4
15 mins
9. Beyond Stock Music
Module 9 P1.mp4
48 mins
Module 9 P2.mp4
(1h 00m 01s)
Module 9 P3.mp4
52 mins
Module 9 P4.mp4
34 mins
10. The Producer Good Life
Module 10 - Part 1
54 mins
Module 10 - Part 2
52 mins
Module 10 - Part 3
55 mins
Module 10 - Part 4
41 mins
Module 10 - Part 5
37 mins
The Bedroom Super Producer.pdf
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MIDI Treasure
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Omega -
3.51 GB
Black Diamonds
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